Glo-Flex Total Visibility Trim/Tapes

Fire Fighter

This new Bunker Gear trim will revolutionize the safety level of firefighters. All Bunker Gear
clothing is required to have reflective trim, with Glo-Flex Total Visibility Trim, not
only is your trim reflective, it also glows in the dark. In a dark, smoke filled burning building,
the ease of seeing other firefighters who have
Glo-Flex trim is a lifesaver.Glo-Flex is NFPA approved.

Glo-Flex tapes are a flexible vinyl that is both reflective and photoluminescent in one material.
It recharges after 15 seconds and come in two different styles:

Honeycomb Tapes- Tapes are for general-purpose use. Adhesive backed tapes designed to be applied to smooth rigid surfaces. Available in 1" x 4" rectangles, Tetrahedrons, Helmet Fronts, Crescents (Helmet sides), 2" & 3" Numbers and Letters, 4" Maltese Cross, 4" Star of Life, American Flags, 8" x 10" EXIT Signs, 3" Arrows, Fire Extinguisher Sign, Light Switch Cover, 1 " Circles, and 1 " x 5 Ft Roll of Tape. Customize for your titles for fast identification.

Total Visibility Tapes: The tapes are designed to be sewn or heatsealed on to safety garments or vests. They are available in widths of 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", and 2".


Total Visibility Trim: Fire Departments around the country recognize the need to locate Fire Fighters in the dark smoke filled room. Total Visibility Trim can be retrofited to existing bunker gear to update equipment and improve safety for their Fire Fighters and safety personnel. Sew to safety vests for added safety. Sew to cuffs for signaling in the dark. Sewn to tarps and hose covers for added safety.

Honeycomb Tapes: The 1" x 4" rectangles, Tetrahedrons, and 1 " x 5 Ft Roll of Tape are put on equipment for easy identification in low light situations. Put on 2-Ways and Pagers that are easily dropped in emergencies. They are attached to helmets and hard hats for reflective properties from headlights and identification in dark areas. Stuck to the edge of vehicle doors to provide a reflective and Glow-in-the Dark marking when the door is opened.

Building Safety: While all buildings are required to have Exit Signs, in the dark how do you direct people to go in a certain from that location? The 8" x 10" EXIT Signs and the 3" Arrows direct the flow in the fastest and safest direction from that location. As people leave their office or room they see the glowing Arrows under the glowing Exit Sign showing the direction to go. Fire Extinguisher Signs are great for fast identification in emergency situations. Light Switch Covers have been very popular because of the added safety. Because there is no special wiring required this is a very inexpensive safety application that does not need maintenance.


Glow Flex

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